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BorderPak is a company focused on providing our customers with the best solutions to their packaging applications and requirements. We recently solved a bagging need for our customer Mueller Commercial located In Monterrey Mexico. Mueller had a need to bag different sized plumbing components in a Ziploc bag. The components were to be bagged 1 per bag and in some instances up to 5 per bag. The idea was to optimize the use of a bagger that would allow them the flexibility of the different counts required while employing a minimum number of operators. Since the bag needed to be a Ziploc bag and some counts called for multiple components, we proposed a Autobag® FAS SPrint Revolution inline bagger from Automated Packaging Systems. This bagging system fulfilled all of their packaging requirements by minimizing operator involvement while optimizing packaging speeds. The Autobag® FAS SPrint Revolution bagger also complied with their requirements to use Pre-printed Ziploc bags also manufactured by Autobag® Packaging Systems. Since each bag also required a “label” with variable printed information to be executed at the packaging point, the bagger was fitted with a Thermal Printer that allowed them to do just that. At the end of the day, we were able to provide Mueller Commercial with the best and most cost-effective solution to their bagging needs.