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Autobag Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Autobag Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Autobag Thermal Transfer Ribbon

AutoLabel Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Genuine AutoLabel Thermal Transfer Ribbon is made in the USA with the highest quality materials for optimum printing of high resolution graphics, bar codes, alphanumeric text and custom logos.

AutoLabel Thermal Transfer Ribbon features excellent print quality, durability, and special formulations. Each ribbon features SPECTR, an innovative static elimination product inside the ink that completely removes static and repels harmful contaminants that can damage print heads.

Genuine AutoLabel UltraPrint Thermal Transfer Ribbon is a super-premium, resin-enhanced wax thermal ribbon that is designed for optimum printing performance in specialty applications. AutoLabel UltraPrint applies high resolution graphics, text and bar codes directly on the bag, and is system-matched for optimum performance on Autobag® Thermal Transfer Imprinters and Print-n-Pack™ systems.

UltraPrint ribbon features a unique, multi-layer construction with quick release and advanced binding properties that are ideal for overprinting on AutoGrafix™inks. UltraPrint is also recommended for frequent scanning and handling applications, such as mailbags, due to its high resistance to scratching and abrasion. Superior density and contrast provide precision printing with excellent edge definition.

All AutoLabel Thermal Transfer Ribbons feature SPECTR, an innovative static elimination product inside the ink that completely removes static and repels harmful contaminants that can damage print heads.

Thermal Transfer Ribbon Types:

AutoLabel UltraPrint Thermal Transfer Ribbon – Optimum Performing Resin Enhanced Wax Thermal Ribbon

AutoLabel Ultra-V Thermal Transfer Ribbon – Premium Resin Enhanced Wax Thermal Ribbon

AutoLabel Ultra Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbon – Full Wax Thermal Ribbon for High Volume Applications

AutoLabel Specialty Ribbons – Solutions for unique printing requirements

Customers using genuine AutoLabel Ribbons and Thermal Transfer Imprinters may qualify for a discount on print head replacements.


Ultra-V Ribbon

UltraPrint Ribbon

Ultra Wax Ribbon

RoHS Compliance Statement


Autobag Thermal Transfer Ribbon


Packaging Application Solution – Autobag®

Packaging Application Solution – Autobag®

BorderPak is a company focused on providing our customers with the best solutions to their packaging applications and requirements. We recently solved a bagging need for our customer Mueller Commercial located In Monterrey Mexico. Mueller had a need to bag different sized plumbing components in a Ziploc bag. The components were to be bagged 1 per bag and in some instances up to 5 per bag. The idea was to optimize the use of a bagger that would allow them the flexibility of the different counts required while employing a minimum number of operators. Since the bag needed to be a Ziploc bag and some counts called for multiple components, we proposed a Autobag® FAS SPrint Revolution inline bagger from Automated Packaging Systems. This bagging system fulfilled all of their packaging requirements by minimizing operator involvement while optimizing packaging speeds. The Autobag® FAS SPrint Revolution bagger also complied with their requirements to use Pre-printed Ziploc bags also manufactured by Autobag® Packaging Systems. Since each bag also required a “label” with variable printed information to be executed at the packaging point, the bagger was fitted with a Thermal Printer that allowed them to do just that. At the end of the day, we were able to provide Mueller Commercial with the best and most cost-effective solution to their bagging needs.

Autobag 550 Bagging System

Autobag 550 Bagging System

Autobag 550 Bagger SystemHigh speed, automated bagging machine Get More Info BorderPak Preferred Packaging Solution Materials & Supplies   For This Unit Large Display   State Of The Art   Deminsions   Autobag® 550™ Bagging System Next generation bagging that optimizes...

AutoBag Packaging Equipment

AutoBag Bagging Equipment BorderPak offers AutoBag bagging equipment and Autobags. We selected AutoBag as our primary bagging solution for its versatility and quality. Autobag packaging equipment and accessories include baggers, void fill systems, counters, sorters,...
Labels Tags Ribbons

Labels Tags Ribbons

Labels Tags Ribbons

Labels, tags, & ribbons offered by ID Technology are the highest quality labels, tags, and ribbons available. Blank and shell labels as well as full color labels and tags are offered. State-of-the-art flexographic presses allow for top quality flexographic labels in any color or quantity that is needed. The digital label printing option is perfect for high quality labels with a quick turn-around. Contact a representative today to receive more information.


Labels Tags Ribbons, Tags & Ribbons category thumbnail

Labels, Tags & Ribbons

Whatever label size or quantity you need, ID Technology has the expertise to meet your needs.

Labels Tags Ribbons, Flexographic Labels category thumbnail

Flexographic Labels

Full Color Labels to make your products stand out on the shelf


Labels Tags Ribbons, Blank and Shell Labels category thumbnail

Blank and Shell Labels

Whether blank or partially printed, the Auto Series labels are designed for auto apply applications.

Labels Tags Ribbons, Digital Label Printing category thumbnail

Digital Label Printing

Quick turn around times, variable information and high quality graphics


Labels Tags Ribbons, Variable Data & Barcode Label Printing category thumbnail

Variable Data & Barcode Label Printing Logmatix Series Labels

Variable data can be any unique information that differs from one label to the next.


Labels Tags Ribbons, Durable Thermal Transfer Labels category thumbnail

Durable Thermal Transfer Labels

Excellent print quality, durable labels withstand high temperatures, chemical exposure, and more.


Labels Tags and Ribbons, Military Compliance Labels category thumbnail

Military Compliance Labels

MIL-STD-130 including UID, MIL-STD-129 including RFID Military labeling Compliance.


Labels Tags Ribbons, Food and Packaging Labels category thumbnail

Food and Packaging Labels

Blank and pre-printed durable labels specifically for food packaging & shipping applications.


Labels Tags Ribbons, Warehouse Barcode Labels category thumbnail

Warehouse Barcode Labels Logmatix Series Labels

These include Retro-reflective Labels, Rack Location Labels, Pallet Labels as well as Placards.

Labels Tags Ribbons, Full Service Art Department category thumbnail


Full Service Art Department

We use state of the art equipment to help you with initial layout and creation of your label.

Labels Tags Ribbons, Label & Barcode Software category thumbnail

Label & Barcode Software


Labels Tags Ribbons

Easy to use label design software. Barcode labels for asset tracking. DoD label and data management.

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