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Automated Packaging Systems

Automated Packaging Systems

Systems Advantage™ – The Total Systems Approach to Bag Packaging

Total Systems Approach to PackagingAt BorderPak our goal is to provide you with the best packaging soliton designed for speed, convenience, and cost savings. We take the Automated Packaging Total Systems Approach to Packaging means that our customers enjoy the convenience and dependability of a single-source solution for all of their bag packaging needs. From innovative engineering to stock and custom bags to a worldwide service support network, we offer a depth of product and services unmatched in the packaging industry.

The Systems Advantage Program rewards our most loyal customers by combining machines, materials, and services into comprehensive solutions that increase packaging performance and value. Systems Advantage Members receive a variety of preferred services and incentives tailored to their specific needs. The Systems Advantage Rewards Program is available exclusively to customers using genuine Autobag® and SidePouch® bags. Systems Advantage Members receive a variety of preferred services and incentives tailored to suit their specific needs and unique daily use of our industry leading products and services.

Ask us for details about the program that’s right for your business.

Advanced Bagging Machinery

  • Innovation – Whether a stand-alone unit, fully integrated packaging solution, or on-demand protective packaging system, every Autobag, SidePouch and AirPouch® machine we build is engineered for high productivity and operating efficiency to help your business succeed.
  • Reliability and Uptime – Our systems set the benchmark for quality in bag packaging, with baggers that run safely and reliably many years after installation. Many customers are still using equipment that was installed over 30 years ago!
  • Fully Customizable Integration – Get the exact packaging system you need with the support and expertise of our in-house Custom Engineering & Integration services and our complete line of printers, infeeds and accessories.
  • Value – Customers who use Autobag and SidePouch machines and materials typically realize a return on investment of less than a year, additional unused capacity for growth, and labor savings year over year.

High-Quality Packaging Materials

  • System-Matched, Guaranteed to Run – Our plastics manufacturing facilities adhere to a Quality Management System and processes that are certified to ISO 9001 and exceed the rigid tolerance standards of the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA). We also offer products and processes that meet a variety of industry-specific standards, such as those required for military, postal and food applications. This means you can count on bags, protective packaging, and sleeves that are made with high-quality materials and workmanship – enabling your packaging operation to run smoothly and consistently.
  • Largest Supply of Bag Types and Features – We maintain over 100 million bags in stock for a wide range of applications. From basic polyethylene films to high-barrier, co-extruded materials, we offer packaging bags for food, medical/pharmaceutical, mail order fulfillment, military spec, anti-static, scratch resistance and more. We also manufacture custom bags with special printing and conversion options, such as reclosable zippers, resealable flaps, stand-up pouches, tamper-evident perforations, compartments, hanger holes and more.
  • Graphic Design Support – Our in-house graphics, art, and imaging department assists customers in creating custom branded bag art with printing up to 10 colors, helping you to create stunning packages that stand-out from the crowd.

Expert Service, Support, and Training

  • Customer Service – Our Customer Service Center is staffed with highly-qualified, experienced representatives to help with ordering, tracking and managing your packaging needs.
  • Technical and Field Service Support – From general machine operating functions to diagnosing and correcting problems right over the phone, Technical Phone Support is available to help ensure your system continues to operate at peak performance.
  • Training – We offer our customers a variety of bagging machine maintenance and operator training programs designed to provide the critical skills necessary to perform basic repairs, maintenance and operating functions with confidence.
  • Spare Parts – We stock over 8,000 SKUs of spare parts so you don’t have the hassle of finding them elsewhere. We also offer a parts exchange program that can save you money on major component replacement.

 Learn more about the Systems Advantage™ Program by calling us at (915) 594-3037 or email us for more information on this valuable program.

Packaging Application Solution – Autobag®

Packaging Application Solution – Autobag®

BorderPak is a company focused on providing our customers with the best solutions to their packaging applications and requirements. We recently solved a bagging need for our customer Mueller Commercial located In Monterrey Mexico. Mueller had a need to bag different sized plumbing components in a Ziploc bag. The components were to be bagged 1 per bag and in some instances up to 5 per bag. The idea was to optimize the use of a bagger that would allow them the flexibility of the different counts required while employing a minimum number of operators. Since the bag needed to be a Ziploc bag and some counts called for multiple components, we proposed a Autobag® FAS SPrint Revolution inline bagger from Automated Packaging Systems. This bagging system fulfilled all of their packaging requirements by minimizing operator involvement while optimizing packaging speeds. The Autobag® FAS SPrint Revolution bagger also complied with their requirements to use Pre-printed Ziploc bags also manufactured by Autobag® Packaging Systems. Since each bag also required a “label” with variable printed information to be executed at the packaging point, the bagger was fitted with a Thermal Printer that allowed them to do just that. At the end of the day, we were able to provide Mueller Commercial with the best and most cost-effective solution to their bagging needs.

Automated Baggins Systems, Are They Cost Effective?


Automated Baggins Systems:



 When responsibility for purchasing is split over multiple sites, it can be easy for communication to become disjointed and efficiencies to slide. When autonomous sites are located in different parts of the world, the problem is compounded and business owners often don’t even realise it’s happening.

That was exactly the case for Automated Packaging Systems (Autobag) with their multinational, multi-lingual operations and logistics. Thanks to Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA), a full review of packaging and logistics led to substantial savings, increased efficiencies across the globe and a more robust supply chain. All in a day’s work for Lorraine Gannon and her team (Simon Phippen – Packaging and Kevin Fryer – Logistics)!

Autobag has been a world leader in designing and manufacturing flexible packaging systems for over 50 years. A major supplier of packaging systems used to pack industrial components, they are the original inventor of Autobag® bagging machines and pre-opened bags-on-a-roll. They continue to innovate and grow their product lines and business globally to provide customers with complete packaging solutions for increasingly vast and unique product needs.

ERA Client Relationship Manager, Lorraine Gannon, specialises in managing relationships to a client’s best advantage and identifying projects for long-term benefits. She reached out to Autobag after identifying areas in which she felt she could make a significant impact; namely packaging and logistics. Peter Wylie, Autobag’s Managing Director, was sceptical that savings could be made but agreed to an initial project on packaging.

It emerged that Autobag had two suppliers, trading off one against the other in an effort to force discounts. This is often assumed by many companies to be best practice but is actually an inefficient method of procurement as there can be no planned production on the side of the supplier. ERA thoroughly reviewed both suppliers and presented a preferred option. This secured savings and an improved working relationship. With the ‘trade-off’ scenario eliminated, there was now scope for short notice orders and stock-holding.

Impressed with the results, Peter passed the much more complex logistics project over to Lorraine for review.

In a complicated exercise involving the global network, ERA trialled a third party European supplier offering excellent savings. The trial was a success and a bespoke solution was devised by Lorraine and her team in which the UK benefitted from an updated charging structure: resulting in significant savings and improved service levels. Autobag’s Belgium office moved to the new supplier and sites in Germany and France retained their incumbent supplier on enhanced terms.

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