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AirPouch FastWrap Material

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AirPouch FastWrap Material


Automated Packaging Systems has introduced three new materials for the AirPouch® FastWrap protective packaging system, which produces cellular cushioning wrap and air-filled tubes on demand. This portable, benchtop unit reduces the storage and shipping costs of large, bulky rolls of pre-filled protective wrapping material by producing the material as needed at the packing station.

New 24-inch wide FastWrap material is now available for wrapping and protecting extra-large products. This material features the exclusive channel-filled honeycomb design found only in AirPouch products, which allows multi-directional wrapping and improved product protection. 24-inch FastWrap is available in both standard LLDPE and EarthAware™ Biodegradable blend. One small box of pre-formed 24-inch AirPouch FastWrap provides 1,029 feet of protective wrapping material once inflated.

Innovative system Airspeed HC is a significant packaging solution, because products of all shapes and sizes are maximally protected. Air bubbles HC versa can maintain the shape and protective properties after bending, handling and wrapping.

  • HC versa creates small air bubbles with the speed of 23 meters per minute. The production process of air bubbles HC versa can handle even a child. The machine is managed by means of start and stop button.
  • Airspeed HC versa system uses high-performance film, which is made from low density polyethylene and it means that the film is 100% recyclable.Airspeed HC is unique by saving the storage space.One pallet of the foils of HC versa = 1.5 truck in the form of traditional bubbles.


Name Width Meters in 1 roll
HC SMALL perf.150 430 mm 530 m
HC SMALL perf. 300 430 mm 530 m
HC LARGE perf.150 440 mm 380 m
HC LARGE perf.300 440 mm 380 m
Description The number of squares in widthThe number of squares in width Width Height of squares
HC Small 8 430 mm 20 mm
Description The number of squares in widthThe number of squares in width Width Height of squares
HC Large 5 440 mm 30 mm

 AirPouch FastWrap Material

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