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MetPro Anti-Corrosion Solutions

We can win the race against corrosion: COROTEX© anti-corrosion paper by MetPro were developed especially for storage and transport of iron and non-iron metals. Corotex VCI papers completely replace the need for common corrosion protection methods such as grease and oil leaving the metals residue free and ready to use.Your components, machines and pre-fabricated metal parts of steel and cast-iron can be easily and cost effectively wrapped and corrosion free. Call us today and get advice from our technical specialists on all of your packaging needs.

What are the Corotex© Anti-Corrosion Papers designed for?

  • Long-time protection of steel, cast iron, chrome, copper, brass and zinc
  • Protection of metals from corrosion during transportation
  • Interim storage of metallic parts between the various stages of manufacturing
  • As interleaves or for the individual wrapping of parts
  • To extend the product life cycle of metallic components and machines
  • To be environmentally friendly and cost-efficient  

BioTect VCI Corrosion Inhibitor films






Established rust prevention products are now even more ecological

Biotect VCI film Corrosion Protection From Nature



MetPro Bio Tect

The first corrosion protection from nature

MetPro BioTect is a new generation of VCI film which combines world leading corrosion protection and the highest level of care for your workers, your products and your customers. This unique product is produced using natural ingredients and is completely amine and nitrite free. It is recognized as a significant innovation because it sets new standards for occupational health and safety for handling of VCI films.

BioTect is completely safe to use in any format. It is the only VCI film on the market that can protect metal parts that come into contact with food. Your product does not require cleaning before further processing or assembly of the protected metal component.

The added benefit of eliminating any risks to your workers, your products and your customers has propelled MetPro BioTect to a leading position in the race against corrosion.