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AirPouch EZ Tear Pillows

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AirPouch EZ Tear Pillows

AirPouch Void-fill Packaging Materials

Automated Packaging Systems designs and manufactures void-fill and cushioning products for protective packaging applications. Our protective packing and void-fill air pillow machines and products offer high quality alternatives to traditional peanut, foam, paper packing and bundle bubble materials.

Protective packing materials include AirPouch® EZ-Tear air pillows and AirPouch® FastWrap bubble and tubes on demand. These products provide cost-effective solutions for faster packing with higher yields!

Protective Packaging Machines & Eco-friendly Materials

AirPouch EZ Tear Pillows, AirPouch Express 3 Void-Fill Machine with Biodegradable PillowsAirPouch® Express 3 Void-fill Machine
The AirPouch Express 3 Tabletop Void-fill Machine provides on-demand, easy-to-use air pillows for high packing productivity, reduced shipping costs and increased customer satisfaction. Operating at speeds over 50 feet per minute in semi-or fully-automatic modes.

AirPouch® Void-fill EZ-Tear Air Pillows
AirPouch EZ-Tear air pillows are pre-formed with our innovative EZ-TearPerforations, a patented technology that simplifies operator handling. The EZ-Tear perforation design consists of a cut part way through the regular perforation, making it extremely easy for packers to grab a strip of air pillows and quickly tear off as many as they need.


AirPouch EZ Tear Pillows, AirPouch FastWrap Protective Packing BubblesAirPouch® FastWrap Protective Packaging System
The next generation AirPouch® FastWrap Packaging Machine is the industry’s most flexible, reliable and user-friendly on-demand protective packaging system. The FastWrap system produces air filled filled bubbles and tubes used for wrapping, interleaving and block-and-brace packaging applications.

AirPouch® FastWrap Bubble on Demand Packaging Materials 
AirPouch® FastWrap Bubble on Demand Packaging Materials from Automated Packaging Systems offer a flexible, durable form of protective packing. Our FastWrap products secure and cushion your products while in transit, reducing returns and increasing customer satisfaction.


Automated Packaging Systems is the originator and sole manufacturer of genuine AirPouch EZ-Tear pillows and AirPouch FastWrap bubble on demand products. Since 1962, we have been committed to providing the highest quality poly bags with the shortest lead times in the industry. Our US plastics manufacturing processes are certified to ISO 9001. Material uniformity and integrity exceed quality standards established by the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA). With multiple manufacturing facilities throughout the world, we offer the largest plastic manufacturing capacity to ensure your supply chain remains constant.

AirPouch EZ Tear pillows and FastWrap bubble on demand products use EarthAware™ biodegradable*(EGDC) and recycled (RGT) materials for strength and durability that improve protection while reducing packing and shipping costs, yet are environmentally friendly. Also available is DuraClear 2000™ (DC2), a specially formulated, linear low density polyethylene with superior durability, puncture-resistance, clarity and strength.  Available exclusively for AirPouch EZ-Tear pillows is XD Blend™ material (EGXD). XD Blend is engineered using the latest polymer technologies to provide an air pillow with superior strength that also promotes sustainability. XD Blend material comes standard as an EarthAware biodegradable material at an industry

leading 0.95 mil thickness.

AirPouch EZ Tear Pillows

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