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Sealed Air Instapacker Tabletop

Medium Workload Foam-In-Place.

BorderPak Preferred Packaging Solution

Materials & Supplies

Instapacker Tabletop System

Affordable packaging at the touch of a button.

Enjoy all of the proven benefits and cost savings of Sealed Air’s foam-in-bag packaging with an affordable, user-friendly Instapak® system.

Instapacker™ Tabletop Advantages

Proven packaging protection with Instapak® foam

Simple to use

Fast, delivering as many as 16 foam filled bags per minute

Reliable, using our proven Instapak® 900 series dispensing technology

Versatile, compact design makes it ideal for offline shipping stations and work cell packaging areas

Explore our Instapak® Foam Packaging Systems

  • Maximum value:  This inexpensive, foam-in-bag system reduces material and labor costs.
  • Easy to use:  A simple touch key control panel virtually eliminates the operator’s learning curve.
  • Compact:  Small, innovative design saves valuable workspace. 
  • Flexible: The Instapacker Tabletop system supports the packaging needs of shipping rooms, multiple pack stations operations and even the production floor.
  • Protective:  Instapak high-performance packaging foam is designed to protect your products during shipping warehousing and general handling. 

Enjoy all of the proven benefits and cost savings of Sealed Air's foam-in-bag packaging with an affordable, user friendly Instapak® system.

Instapacker™ Tabletop System

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